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We painstakingly create realistic SATB rehearsal study files from complete orchestral scores providing accurate sound sets .

Piano and Christmas files are as described in the sections above and Musicals contain MP3 files for all the songs within their respective titles

Our files are produced using the latest notation software supporting full dynamic and realistic instrumental sound sets.

The benefits of using rehearsal files include:

  • Removes the need for a rehearsal accompanist
  • Parts can be distributed to each choir member on CD
  • When played via software notation software such as Sibelius or Notation the choir learns how it will be singing against an orchestra

All our orchestral files can be provided as:

  • Sibelius full orchestral
    You can export Sibelius files to XML format to enable transfer to other notation programs
  • individual parts highlighted with piano voice and volume reduced in all other parts - format Midi and MP3
Please check out our samples from the list shown at the top of the page, and use our Order form to order your requirements.

Notation and Midi files will be sent to you via email upon receipt of payment. Larger files such as MP3 can be sent via Sendspace or provided on CD in however many quantities you require.





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